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The three operand form multiplies its second and third operands together and stores the result in its first operand. Again, the result operand must be a register. If S is specified, the condition flags are updated on the result of the operation. cond is an optional condition code. Rd is the destination register. Rn is the register holding the first operand.

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17. Forward reference illegal. 非法的向前引用.在第一遍扫描期间,引用一个未定义符号. 18. Operand must be register. 操作数位置上应是寄存器,但出现了标识符. 19.

The third specification implies indexing with index register 4—that is, the operand address is obtained 2001-11-22 Addressing Modes. The operation field of an instruction specifies the operation to be performed. … can do the multiplication in word registers, but are we limited to word.

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Instructions Remarks MOV AX, [BX] two operands: the first is register AX, and the second is a word memory location in the data segment at offset in register BX. MOV BYTE PTR [DI], 5 two operands: the first is a byte memory location in the data Copies a word from the source operand (second operand) and inserts it in the destination operand (first operand) at the location specified with the count operand (third operand). (The other words in the destination register are left untouched.) The source operand can be a general-purpose register or a 16-bit memory location.

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Word register cannot be first operand


Word register cannot be first operand

The operand value is encoded in subsequent bytes of the instruction. A set of processors and instruction set for a pipelined multiprocessing architecture with separate code and data streams is disclosed. The overall architecture considered interlocks instruction execution with the destination transfer of results and includes automated input and output of array data. The data is dispensed from a central memory that is associated with the control unit and all error A2152: coprocessor register cannot be first operand; error A2070: invalid instruction operands; However, it is clearly possible to accomplish this simple task in x64. For example, the following is a functioning x64 program that I can assemble and run in GAS : word register cannot be first operand: special register cannot be first operand: coprocessor register cannot be first operand: cannot change size of expression computations: syntax error in control-flow directive: cannot use 16-bit register with a 32-bit address: constant value out of range: missing right parenthesis: type is wrong size for register: structure cannot be instanced A2150 word register cannot be first operand. A word register was specified to an instruction that cannot take it as the first operand. A2151 special register cannot be first operand.
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Please login to bookmark It does not list FIDIV r/m32int which it would have if you could choose a register for that operand as well. Some groups of FPU instructions (groups based on their first byte) are split in two subgroups that have different instructions in them (all groups are split, but some, like D8 , are split in two subgroups that only differ by their operands). MOV BYTE PTR [DI - 3], 5 the first operand is a byte memory location in the data segment. Its offset is computed by adding -3 to the contents of register DI. IMUL WORD PTR [SI] + 4 one operand: a word memory location in the data segment.

(180,235) AG_PTERM_WRK.BUTTON.FieldChange PCPC:758 Statement:14 . The first operand of the dot operator must be a value of some object type to access the method or … The destination operand is a generalpurpose register and the source operand is an immediate value, a general-purpose register, or a memory location. The product is then stored in the destination operand location.
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respective mnemonic using the first compressed cross-reference table.